How I Stay Motivated

Getting up and creating art every day isn’t always easy. Sometimes I feel no motivation at all, or sometimes things happen, like when my neighbour is playing loud music all day and I have trouble concentrating.
I have however found that a few simple rules applied to my daily life makes putting the hours in that much easier.

1. No Zero Days
Every day I do something, anything art related. It could be working on a piece, researching my next drawing, getting a canvas ready or even a bit of marketing or web design relating to my website. As long as I get something done for the day then I don’t consider it a failure.

2. Set the Timer
I often set my timer for two hours at a time and will work on a drawing for that long before having a break. I started at one hour but found two was just as easy and I got twice as much done. Then I’ll go and do something else for a bit and won’t feel guilty about having a break.

3. List To Books or Podcasts
I almost exclusively listen to audio books when I’m drawing. It always keeps me entertained and I can work and work without being distracted. At the moment I’m listening to a fantasy series about Norse Gods and how they interact with the modern world.

4. Get Enough Protein and Stay Away From Draining Foods
Doesn’t sound like a good motivation tool but I’ve found my energy levels are so much higher if I get adequate protein and don’t eat too many processed foods. When I’m tired I’m much less productive.

5. Do It Even When You Don’t Want To
Sometimes I have no choice but to just force myself to sit down and start drawing, I’d rather watch another episode of whatever is on tv or check social media but I force myself to get up and get to work. Once my time is up I always feel it was the right decision.

I always always feel so much happier when I get work done that day. Small victories lead to big life changes and identifying the ways I can accomplish those small victories makes life even more sweeter as it doesn’t feel like a grind all the time.

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